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Our Podcasts Out of the Vault

We dusted off the cobwebs and found these gems. Are you looking for something interesting to listen to? Look at our dropdown playlist, here you will discover Podcasts with many interesting subjects. Each of these Podcasts has been recorded live in our studios at Fleurieu FM.

Autumn Part 2 Gardening

In part 2 of Neville's Autumn in the Garden. Nevelle Skewes talks with Johan about taking infected plants to your garden centre. When to Mulch, what to do with the weeds you get from Autumn to Winter and what to do about them, particularly Clover.

Winter Gardening

In this episode, Neville Skews discusses what you must do for winter in your garden to keep it healthy and prepare it for Spring. In this episode, Neville talks with Johan Bruwer about what you can plant in winter, how to prune your deciduous trees and shrubs and the care you must take when fertilising in winter.

Your New Episode April 24

Violeta may be very young but she has a wealth of experience in the music industry, having performed since she was six years old. She spoke to Neralie for Just Add Guinea Pig on the 17th of June 2019.

You can follow her on Facebook and check out her weekly covers here:

Autumn Part 1 Gardening

Autumn Part 1, focuses on gardening around the Fleurieu Peninsula. Neville Skewes discusses with Johan Bruwer the current activities in your garden during this time of year. Neville also answers questions about lawn care and how to deal with mildew and Silver Thrips in atriums.

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